How to Bounce Back After a COVID-19 Layoff: Karin Ulloa, Project Analyst for Human Resources at Amazon

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About Karin Ulloa

Karin Ulloa is a Peruvian working at Amazon, the largest American e-commerce and cloud computing company. She is working from home as a Project Analyst for the human resources department and daily works on all the hiring standards. Karin comes from a marketing and retailing background. She has vast experience in start-ups and entrepreneurship roles.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management. In search of learning how a big company runs their business, Karin contacted Amazon, where she was offered a role in the human resources department. Amazon captivated Karin. It’s a company that allows you to think big, do your own projects, build a lot of different structures, and be creative. Since her start with them, she has gained experience in many roles and with different projects, always with great success.

About the Episode

We live in difficult times. Over 17 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits due to layoffs in March and April. More than likely, this trend will continue over the summer. Millions more are at home, adjusting to working remotely, homeschooling their kids, and facing the uncertainty that the recession brings.

It is not a secret that large tech companies are some of the best prepared ones to face the current situation. Amazon is particularly well-placed to not only survive the recession but to grow. Granted, a lot of their openings will be for fulfillment roles, but we can still learn from their adaptability and ability to scale solutions during the current crisis.

I spoke over Zoom with my friend Karin Ulloa, a project analyst for Human Resources at Amazon, to get her take on the current situation. We talked about what it’s like to work at Amazon during Covid-19, how to build relationships with recruiters using LinkedIn, how to get referrals from Amazon employees, and how to navigate a layoff if you find yourself facing one.

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