Understanding Customer Success in Saas: Javier Cortavitarte, Customer Adoption Manager at Broadcom Inc.

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Javier Cortavitarte is a Venezuelan with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Broadcom Inc.

About Javier Cortavitarte

Javier Cortavitarte is a Venezuelan with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Broadcom Inc., a global infrastructure technology company that focuses on technologies that connect our world. Javier has several years of experience as a senior engineer and an IT professional in many technologies of various SaaS corporations and startups.

He is curious, always on the lookout for new opportunities, and is adaptable to new situations. He has been through two business acquisitions. Javier worked at Blazemeter, a startup acquired first by CA Technologies and then by Broadcom Inc., where he currently works as a customer success manager. He also has experience in different roles such as: engineering, customer success, IT operations, system administration and technical support, and DevOps. Javier is also a connector focused on diversity groups refining STEM awareness in local communities.

About the Episode

Javier is a customer success manager who ensures his customers achieve the best experience possible in order to get their multi-feedback on a product. He leverages the people he works with to provide a suitable solution within the needed timeframe. Customer success is focused on the relationship between the manager and customer to align client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial outcomes.

We spoke about how Javier got into the tech world, what he does now, and insights into what is customer success. We talk about the importance of a good relationship with his customers and the challenges he has getting his job done every day. Learn how he scales solutions and what has made him feel very proud during his whole journey. Hear about ideal skills for those who want to start a career in customer success.

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About Hugo Castellanos

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He makes time to network with professionals from all backgrounds. If you’d like to connect, drop him a line or set a phone call.

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