In this episode, I spoke with Angela Romero, Principal Manager at Coursera.  We spoke about her experience working in a PR agency, cold calling and her role in sales at Google, Duolingo as a startup with an e-learning environment giving people practical and fun learning opportunities through technology and access to better jobs, all about Coursera, and the importance of Employee Resource Groups in working environments.

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Angela Romero

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Mentioned resources:

* Coursera* FleishmanHillard* AI For Everyone – One of Angela’s favourite short digestible language course about AI and how it is going to transform the world* Learning How to Learn – Another favourite short course at Coursera with powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects* You Tube Red (You Tube Premium) – watch and listen without announcements * Duolingo* Hola, Latino ERG (Employee Resource Group) – Diversity and inclusion group* USP, FIA, UNICAMP, and Insper – Coursera expanded in Brazil with 25 courses from these top universities * Self-Driving Program from University of Toronto–  top program at Coursera launched by Angela

Time Stamps:

* 01:43 – Welcoming Angela Romero
* 02:00 – About Angela and Coursera
* 02:53 – Angela’s favourite course or specialization 
* 03:52 – Angela’s favourite learning technique
* 05:25 – How Angela gets to Coursera
* 07:55 – What is it like to work in a PR agency
* 08:41 – When Angela realized she wanted to switch into sales
* 10:38 – Role at Google in sales
* 11:01 – Good at cold calling
* 13:35 –  How Angela would write a perfect pitch email
* 17:17 – What is the perfect phone call
* 20:10 – Switching from Google to Duolingo, a startup e-learning environment
* 23:04 – What Angela was most proud of at Duolingo
* 26:34 – Why Coursera?
* 32:10 – Principal Manager at Coursera. What does a Principal Manager do?
* 34:14 – Coursera’s challenges for the next two quarters
* 35:29 – Wanting to get into the e-learning industry… What kind of opportunities can I get at Coursera? Where will I be needed the most?

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