In this episode, I spoke with Dushka Zapata, Executive Communications at Zendesk, writer, and author of seven books. We spoke about writing as a part of her life and how she captures ideas to do so, her work at Zendesk, Quora and her seven books, the process she goes through to write a book, and her encouraging words to audience.

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* Linkedin: Dushka Zapata * Quora: Dushka Zapata

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Mentioned resources:

* Edelman* Zendesk* Dushka’s seven books: How to be ferociously happyAmateurA Spectacular CatastropheYour Seat Cushion is a Flotation DeviceSomeone Destroyed My Rocket ShipHow to Build a Pillow FortYou belong everywhere * Quora


* 01:45 – Welcoming Dushka Zapata* 01:56 – How Duska got to San Francisco* 02:57 – The way in which Duska brings her whole self to work* 03:54 – Writing as a part of Dushka’s life* 05:04 – How Dushka captures the ideas she writes about and her seven books* 07:38 – About Dushka’s work at Zendesk* 08:43 – How Dushka would coach an executive who wants to give a speech* 10:55 – How Dushka personally gets prepared to give a speech  * 16:00 – The meaning of Quora according to Dushka* 16:23 – Dushka’s process when sitting down to write a book* 19:16 – To connect with Dushka* 19:41 – Last words to audience

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To be able to take your whole self to work,

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