In this episode, I spoke with Ismael Verduzco III, aka DJ Ish, Social Marketing Lead at LinkedIn. Ish graduated from ​the University of California, Merced​ with a B.S. in Management. We spoke about life at LinkedIn, how he found his way into tech and his role as a Social Media Lead.

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Show Notes:

* 01:16 – Welcoming Ismael Verduzco III* 01:19 – About Ish* 02:18 – About going to school in University of California; from urban area to the countryside* 03:08 – Things Ish does in his free time* 03:38 – Social media expert at Linkedin, fitness enthusiasm and DJ engagement – How does he organize himself with so many things to do* 05:47 – Time of relax – Downtime* 09:24 – How Ish got to Linkedin* 15:57 – Role description* 17:14 – Process for making content* 19:13 – What makes a good headline for Linkedin* 21:55 – The project Ish is proudest of* 25:39 – 60 MM Latinos in the USA but only 3% are in Tech. What can companies do better to bring diverse talent in. Ish’s viewpoint * 27:03 – What is life at Linkedin like* 28:40 – Next play/challenges as a Social Media Lead* 29: 45- Next Play Concept* 30:28 – What does Ish likes best of Linkedin besides their people* 31:48 – Last words for audience 

About the episode:

Linkedin has grown in the past 5 years, and in 2016 was acquired by Microsoft. They started off with 6000 employees and today have doubled. One of them is Ish, a Dj and fitness enthusiast, working as the Social Media Marketing Lead of Talent Solutions, one of their four business brand channels, finding different content to inform HR managers, recruiters and  talented professionals on latest recruiting trends. 

Ish was born in Southern California, and graduated from University of California, Merced with a B.S. in Management,

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