I recently got back from my 11th SHPE Conference. This particular one was held in Phoenix, Arizona where 9000+ professionals, students, and STEM advocates gathered for 4 days of workshops and networking. A big highlight of the conference is the 200+ companies that attend to recruit talent. Attending as a professional is different. Granted, you have less stress since you already have a job. Still, making time to connect with everyone can feel overwhelming.

This particular conference was very special for me since I had the opportunity to host a live podcast and panel (stay tuned! You’ll listen to it in episode 17), as well as to do my workshop on “Taking the Work out of Networking”. I was extremely humbled to connect with so many professionals and students. In this particular episode I want to welcome the new podcast listeners that just signed up for LWT by bringing them one of my favorite epiosdes from #SHPE2018 : The SHPEtina Origin Story. I got to chat with Ximena Aristizabal, Andrea Sanchez Sours, PhD and Stephanie Serrano about their role starting a dedicated track of the SHPE Conference focused on Latina professionals, their issues and how to empower them to become the best version of themselves.

Please enjoy! and as always, you can follow the show on IG: @LatinosWhoTech or drop me a note with your feedback at latinoswhotech@gmail.com

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