In this episode, I spoke with Carlos  Sarmiento, Software Engineer at Facebook. Originally from Venezuela, Carlos joined Facebook in 2017. We spoke about how he got to Facebook, the company’s recruiting events and engineering bootcamps, his day in the life as a software engineer, and all about referrals. 

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Carlos Sarmiento

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Mentioned resources:

* Facebook Recruiting Event* Facebook Engineering Bootcamp* ERG (Employee Resource Group)* Latin@ – Facebook Diversity* Latin@ – Facebook Careers* PHP* Hack – programming language 


* 01:42 – Welcoming Carlos Sarmiento* 02:06 – About Carlos* 02:40 – Reaching Facebook: from Caracas to Facebook* 05:38 – About Facebook’s recruiting events* 08:28 – A Software Engineer at Facebook: The experience of a day in the life* 10:55 – About Facebook’s Engineering Bootcamps* 13:30 – Process to select a bootcamp* 15:18 – A story from Instagram Ads* 19:31 – How a referral works* 23:44 – Diversity at Facebook* 27:09 – Last words for audience

Key Takeaways:

Facebook Recruiting Events

A good way to select the best people for a company is through recruiting events. During these event recruiters give interviews to potential candidates, share with the community information and the experience of what it is like working at Facebook

The experience of a day in the life

Working in a team with a collaborative process has better results when looking for a high impact. 

Having a mentor helps somebody ramp up and succeed in a company

Facebook engineering bootcamp

Any engineer that wants to work at Facebook, has to go through a bootcamp. Bootcamps are great onboarding programs. They are opportunities for working right away, learning everything about the company and having a senior engineer mentor through the whole process

Fix and Learn!

Everybody at Facebook roll in the same direction, so if somebody fails or makes a mistake, the whole team takes responsibility,

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