In this episode I spoke with Jimmy Galvez, a Project Manager @ Sherwood Design Engineers. We spoke about his journey coming from Guatemala to the US, his experience managing civil engineering projects in California, Texas and overseas and his involvement with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer (SHPE).

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* 01:44 – Introducing Jimmy Galvez* 02:29 – The first Civil Engineer and Guatemalan in the Podcast* 03:22 – Who’s Jimmy and where does he come from* 04:05 – Immigrating to the US* 07:21 – From Community College to Cal Polly* 08:41 – Studying at Cal Polly; Civil Engineering* 10:12 – The difference between Civil and Structural Engineering* 11:08 – Jimmy’s first job out of College* 12:24 – A Master in that particular Craft* 13:16 – Land development and community planning* 17:04 – Jimmy’s current title and role* 18:08 – Construction administration support services* 19:07 – The handoff from design to construction* 21:17 – Pre-construction meetings; The relationship between designers and contractors* 24:01 – Jimmy’s favorite project* 27:17 – International Experience; Projects in the Baja Dessert; Desalination* 29:33 – Love for structural engineering; Always paying attention to constructions* 30:51 – The Challenges that a project manager faces* 33:53 – What are the skills that a Star Project Manager needs?* 37:43 – Communication; email vs phone call* 38:18 – Running meetings as a project manager* 42:13 – The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineer (SHPE)* 44:04 – Learning at SHPE; Soft skills, communication, networking* 47:16 – Being a SHPE Chapter President* 51:01 – Hugo’s SHPE inspiring story* 54:55 – Last words for audience

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