About Pamela Martinez

Pamela Martinez, is a Mexican-American with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Snowball Wealth. She is a first-generation college graduate. Pamela started her professional career right out of college as a Program Manager at Microsoft and was involved in the launch of Xbox One. In search of building things and other missions, Pamela left the corporate world and began her start-up journey. First, she worked at Clever, then Seesaw Learning, and finally at Snowball Wealth, a start-up company she founded with two co-workers. Snowball Wealth offers tools and different options to help people not overpay on their student debt so they can have financial freedom and stability.

About The Episode

Pam combines her expertise at large companies like Microsoft with first-hand knowledge of the challenges first-generation students face. This includes getting your first full-time job, repaying student  loans and building wealth. Learn about her day to day at Snowball, financial literacy and the challenges that millennials face when tackling student debt. 

We spoke about how she got to San Francisco, her time as a Program Manager at Microsoft, and her transition from the corporate world to start-ups. We also talked about Snowball Wealth, her experience being a CTO, problems she wants to solve, and about what happens when one is no longer a user. Finally, we covered advice for those who want to jump from the corporate world to a start-up, how to handle impostor syndrome, and what she does to keep up to date with tech.

This episode was recorded before the Covid-19 outbreak, so we didn’t touch on it on the conversation. However, here are some resources curated by the Snowball Wealth team. We hope they help you navigate your finances during these difficult times: https://www.covidcheatsheet.com/

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